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Drones used for monitoring mining agitation in Goa

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In March 2018, iron ore mining was stopped in Goa due to court orders, resulting in large scale losses and unemployment. The mining affected people held an agitation in Panaji, goa trying to get the attention of the government, so that they would get financial help.
The government was allegedly not prepared to handle the agitation, due to which traffic was interrupted, and people found it difficult to move from north goa to south goa, enter panaji though patto
The media reported that when the police found that they could not control the agitators they deployed drones to monitor the situation, and take photos, make videos of those actively participating.
The information was then analyzed later to send identify the agitators who then were issued summons and asked to report to the police.
Most of the agitators are low tech people, so they would not have prepared to deal with drone photography. It would be interesting to find the models of the drones which are used, and the cost of the drones.