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One Man Has the Answers

The AIM share tips that I received from my professor worked amazingly well. I have an economics professor who looks at the stock market every day and reads websites. He doesn’t want to invest in the market because he wants to keep his money, but he knows when the market will change, and can correctly predict which stocks will generate the most profit at a given time. He could probably become a millionaire just by investing, but he chooses to simply be an economics professor. He told me one day that the copper stocks would be doing well, and I made an investment in them.

When I told my professor how well the copper stocks had done, he had a satisfied look on his face. He then told me that I might want to sell a couple of them and buy some stocks in aluminium. I did that and I was able to gain more money. I wanted to give my professor a reward for the helpful advice, but he told me that a reward wasn’t necessary. He had given out stock advice to lots of people over the years. Some people take the advice, and some don’t but he doesn’t want to be paid for the advice. He just likes knowing that he’s right, and the appreciation from others is enough for him.

When I told my brother about my professor’s gift, he didn’t believe me at first, but when he saw how much money I was making from the stocks, he realized that the professor was the real deal. A lot of the investing that I’ve been doing have been related to metal stocks. I’m sure there’s some kind of pattern that can be traced based on the supply and demand of metal by product manufacturers, but I don’t have enough time to figure that out.