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We Really Got Things Done This Week

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I suppose the board of directors will eventually find out about this, but it does not seem like the boss really seems to care. He went to Las Vegas intending to come back with a bunch of new orders and he did not really care if he had to break every rule in the book to get there. I was just there to do some coaching. When I got there he introduced me a really stunning brown skinned girl who seemed about twenty three years old. She eventually told me she was a Latina escort, it did not seem as though she were the least bit ashamed. Of course you can not do that sort of thing forever and she told me that she was thinking about getting her MBA. Apparently the boss had done his homework. When I started teaching this girl about our products and services she took notes and asked very concise questions. She eventually asked me if I had a girlfriend or a wife. She could tell I was interested. If I was still with Bonnie I probably would have lied to her.

At any rate I had a real thing for this girl by the time we ready to suit up for the sales pitches. We went and bought her some clothes, working a delicate balance. We did not want her to look like a slut, but obviously we were not trying to hide her candle under a basket. I was really amazed when she started to work. She did not really flirt with any of these guys, but they all flirted with her. She just wrapped all of them around her pinky finger. We sent her to pitch seven guys and she closed on all save one. The boss gave me a bonus for teaching her, but she did all of it herself and without really using her body at all.