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Drones used more extensively in the middle east

Since most of the middle is deserts with less rain, drones are used more extensively in the middle east.

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Chinese drone maker DJI donates drones to US law enforcement agencies during covid-19 lockdown

Law enforcement agencies worldwide have been using drones extensively during the covid-19 lockdown. The Chinese drone maker DJI donated drones to US law enforcement agencies in multiple states during covid-19 lockdown and this resulted in some controversy . DJI is the top rated drone maker in the world. DJI has close links with the chinese government and security agencies were concerned that the drones may be used to send confidential information to the chinese.

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In Mumbai, drones used to monitor people during lockdown

Due to the high population density , the coronavirus can spread more easily in Mumbai,compared to other cities. hence the lockdown is enforced strictly.
The media reported that the police in mumbai are using drones to monitor who is leaving their homes. It appears that the police have plenty of drones to monitor people and take action against them.
the police are using extremely high tech equipment for surveillance compared to a few decades ago.

Killing of the head of Iran’s revolutionary guard exposes advances in drone technology

A few years, usually only an assasin or aircraft could be used to kill the military head of another country.
However, the killing of the head of Iran’s revolutionary guard exposes advances in drone technology, which allowed the United States to assasinate the top military official of Iran in January 2020, in Baghdad, Iraq
The drone was probably launched from one of the US airbases in Iraq, and the drone probably was not even damaged
Though Iran promises revenge, nothing major has taken place.