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Import of drones webinar details

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Mailer for import of drones posted only for reference

***SPAM*** Webinar on Import of Drones and Export Documentation and Procedure
Webinar on

Import of Drones –

Know the Compliances – Proceed

Export Documentation and Procedure –

w.r.t. Customs – FTP & FEMA

11th December 2020

(11:00am to 02.00pm)

11th December 2020

(03:00pm to 06.00pm)


Mr. SM Chaturvedi

International Trade Expert



“Drones” are commonly equated with an amusement device. These are conventionally used in India for photography purpose, be it weddings, Film Shoots or Sporting Events.

The truth & reality is entirely different. World over they are being used for surveillance purpose by “Police& Army”, for door to door delivery by ‘e’-commerce companies”, at “Resorts” and more importantly in “Industries” in a big way. Realizing the extensive usage envisaged and to keep our country technologically at par with other countries, Government of India too has put up a “Policy Frame Work in Place” to acquaint the users with compliances involved in import and usage. More over for Business too, it opens a vast opportunity in the form of representing overseas suppliers as their “Indenting Agent” to solicit and garner huge business that exists and with vast growth potential too


The objective of this webinar is to acquaint the participants with compliances involved in import of “Drones” and highlight the future emerging business potential.

For Whom:-

The program would be of use and interest to all importers, ‘e’-commerce companies and professionals intending to branch out in to their own and businessmen seeking diversification in to new arena with exponential growth.


ü Introduction – Concepts

ü RPA – Remotely Piloted Air Crafts

ü UA -Unmanned Air Craft

ü ETA – Equipment Type Approval

ü WPC – Wing Wire Wireless Planning & Co-ordination Wing

ü UIN – Unique Identification No.

ü UAOP – Unmanned Air Craft Operator

ü VLOS – Visual Line of Site

ü Drones Regulations in India, 2020

ü Categories – Drone Imports & F.T.P. Provisions

ü Customs & Drone Imports

ü DGCA Compliances – Ref. Public Notices

ü Notifications wrt Drone Imports

ü An Emerging Business Opportunity & Drone Imports

ü Miscellaneous


The world of Export is very exciting.

However in India, to be successful in Export Business one has to be very thorough with Export Documentation and Procedure, which tend to be very lengthy and cumbersome.

Lack of familiarity with Export Documentation and Procedure at times leads to delays in Export Shipment, obtaining disbursement against Exports and denial of Export Incentives.



The main objective of this webinar is to acquaint the participants with the intricacies involved in Export Documentation and Procedure and thereby reduce the Transaction Cost.


For Whom

This programme will be useful to all those engaged in Export as business as well as Professionals. The programme would be of particular interest to finance executives, commercial managers, CHA’s and Freight Forwarders.



ü Concepts – Exports, Export Documents – Types – Significance

ü Export Incentives – Duty Drawback – All Industry Rate – Brand Rate – EDI & Non-EDI.

ü Advance Authorisation, Documentation & Redemption, DFIA Application & Closure

ü Transport and Marketing Assistance (TMA)

ü Market Access Initiative Scheme – 2018 (MAIS)

ü Customs Procedures & Exports, Procedures & Submission of Documents to Banks

ü An overview – ECGC Policy & claims – Do’s &

ü Don’ts, miscellaneous

ü Changes Post COVID – 19 – An Update

Profile of Faculty

Mr. SM Chaturvedi – International Trade Expert


Mr. SM Chaturvedi is a management consultant in International Business besides being a visiting faculty with leading Institutes of Management in India. He is corporate trainer and Motivational speaker who has conducted more than 5400 seminars on all India bases besides over 260 In-company Training Programs. He possesses over 18 years of corporate experience and over 34 years of consultancy experience catering to corporate client.

He is also a consultant in the field of Foreign Trade Policy, Export-Import Customs, Exchange Control Regulations and Industrial Policy, FEMA, Laws of Weights and Measures.

How to Register:


Per person per session

Rs. 4500 /-

USD $ 75


Per person both sessions

Rs. 9000 /-

USD $ 150

18 % GST is applicable

> Please write to gcmseminars@yahoo.com

> Call Mr. Rajeev Gupta- 9711114779 / 8929596899

For Query and nominations – 09540012349 only Whatsapp

> Mode of Payment: NEFT /Paytm / Credit Card/ Cheque

> Fees include certificate of participation & Course Material.

*Terms & Condition Apply.

Course’s time structure:

Session Starts – 11:00am

30mins Break Included


You should have good internet connection and good quality headphone/speaker set with Laptop / Desktop.

You should have notepad/pen to note down important points.

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