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Aviatorpro drone specifications

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Aviatorpro drone specifications from mailer received

smart RC drone in our warehouse, ready to deliver to worldwide customers.

Some key features of this drone:

Stable two-axis mechanical universal joint
6k 110° wide-angle adjustable camera.
Battery: 11.1V 2350mAh
Flight time: 25-30 minutes
Remote control distance: 1000m
Picture: 5700*4275
Video: 3840 * 1080
Quadrilateral size:
Product folding size (CM): 17*11.5*6.7CM
Product development size (CM): 26*26*6.7CM
-Follow me function: The aircraft will control the mobile phone and follow the direction of the operator.
-With automatic return function. The aircraft will return to the take-off point according to the GPS trajectory.

Prices for different volumes:
1-10 units: 289.50 per unit
10-100 units 279.50 per unit
>=100 units 269.50 per unit
u s d

Would you like to order it? Just reply to our email with your shipping address and the shipment will be ready.