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45-50 minutes fly time drone, 10 km range

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From mailer

Are you interested in a drone that can fly for a long time and a long distance?
We can provide you with a new type of drone that can fly for 45-50 minutes and can fly up to 10 kilometers.

Starting at 895.00 per package: shipping incuded.
us d

4K camera, RAW supported, 4X digital zoom
45-50 mins long flight time with modified 3600mAh batteries
10km 720p Video Transmission
less than 249 g
Featured with transmission system – Ocusync 2.0
Level 5 wind resistance, max speed reaches 57km/h.
Powerful 3600mAh batteries give you max flight time
Light weight for exceptional compactness and portability

Darren Young
Long Flight Drones Distribution