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Number of drones shot down has doubled in one year

Drones are used extensively across the international border of India to transport goods evading customs
With advances in drone technology, the drones are becoming more affordable and popular.
Hence the BSF has reported a major increase in the number of drones which are shot down or crashed
The number of drones which are intercepted has doubled in 2023, compared to 2022.
Most of the drones are shot down on Punjab border with Pakistan, though a few were intercepted at the Rajasthan border
A larger number of drones may not be intercepted at all.
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Drones were used to destroy communication towers before the Hamas attack

Israel has implemented the latest technology for protecting itself against attacks from its enemies.
However, one of the main weaknesses is that it relies on mobile/communication towers for information.
Realizing this, the Hamas first destroyed all the communication towers using drones.
Since the location of the communication towers was fixed, even less expensive drones could be used to destroy them.

Now drones used in phishing emails

Greetings from Ukraine, I am Agent Kevin Schuler I am a
Shadow operator with the NATO unofficial outpost in Ukraine. I
write you strictly to inform you that the Russians are in the
brink of over running Ukriane. This is the truth that the western
media won’t report and also to inform you of the hidden truth in
this war is that it has created alot of opportunities that has
come my way and I am seeking for trust worthy partners that I
can explore this opportunities with. I target 100% profits.

Trillions of dollars has been sent to Ukraine.

Billions is to be made if you have an ally like me I am talking
opportunities in precious earth metals. Stockpiles. Some assumed
destroyed by FPV drone fire .

This is an opportunity of a life time and I expect to hear back
from you and then we can discuss in detail.


Significant increase in drone usage for aerial photography, videos

Since advertising rates for videos are similar to that for TV advertising, increasingly people are preferring to make videos
This has also increased the demand for drones for aerial photography.
A large number of videos are featuring landscapes which are shot using drones.
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Drones used extensively in the Russia- Ukraine conflict

Increasingly countries worldwide are preferring to use drones for attacking their enemies since they are cost effective and can be controlled extensively.
Additionally there is no loss of life if the drones are shot down.
According to media reports, drones are used extensively in the Russia- Ukraine conflict
In some cases, the drones may be launched inside Russian territory according to media reports.
Now shooting down the drones is another major activity for countries which are fighting each other.
United states may be supplying the latest drones to Ukraine

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