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DroneX Pro Precision Flight Performance- mailer republished

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DroneX Pro Precision Flight Performance

We are lucky, a drone has arrived at the office! And this drone isn’t an ordinary one ? it has the same size of a smartphone!

The new office member which fits in a pocket is called Drone 720x, and I found out it has been created by two drone enthusiasts engineers who, tired of testing drones that had a very complicated usability, decided to solve this problem by designing a drone of reduced dimensions and weight ? because yes, it is also lightweight and made of resistant material.

We couldn’t wait anymore to start running it, and during the process, we were fascinated about how simple was the setup.

After installing the application on the smartphone, we connected the battery, then the drone and voilĂ  ? we were able to start running the application.

We were completely amazed because we barely needed 10 seconds to make it work! In addition, controlling it is very intuitive. Even some of my colleagues who had never flown a drone were able to do it quickly.

After turning it on, we still had to try the high-quality built-in camera with a 720P Resolution and 30 FPS. It was great! We could to take self-portraits and photos from complicated angles with a magnificent results. Because of being so simple to manage, we could just focus on which photographies we wanted to take.

When I asked my colleague how much did he paid for, I thought he was kidding me because I believed this kind of gadgets would cost around $300, but since so many units have been sold, manufacturers could lower prices temporarily, so my colleague only paid $99!