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Now drones used in phishing emails

Greetings from Ukraine, I am Agent Kevin Schuler I am a
Shadow operator with the NATO unofficial outpost in Ukraine. I
write you strictly to inform you that the Russians are in the
brink of over running Ukriane. This is the truth that the western
media won’t report and also to inform you of the hidden truth in
this war is that it has created alot of opportunities that has
come my way and I am seeking for trust worthy partners that I
can explore this opportunities with. I target 100% profits.

Trillions of dollars has been sent to Ukraine.

Billions is to be made if you have an ally like me I am talking
opportunities in precious earth metals. Stockpiles. Some assumed
destroyed by FPV drone fire .

This is an opportunity of a life time and I expect to hear back
from you and then we can discuss in detail.