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Small children are fascinated with drones, wish to own one

Increasingly it is observed that small children are fascinated with drones and are pestering their parents to purchase the drones for them.
These children have observed a drone being used at a wedding which they attended, and wish to own one themselves
The child usually knows how to use a smartphone, and is able to finalize the drone model on websites like Amazon.

For example a six year old boy wanted to purchase a drone costing more than Rs 14000 on Amazon, only the lack of funds ensured that the drone was not purchased. However the boy continues to ask his father to purchase the drone, though it could be illegal

Drones and quadcopters from DJI

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Da Jiang Innovations abbreviated as DJI, is an example of a chinese company which has become a world leader in drones, and the DJI Mavic pro is the top rated camera drone, widely used for aerial photography with a large number of features to ensure that it offers the best photos and videos.
Usually United states companies are the world leaders in technology , however the DJI Mavic Pro is one of the most popular high end commercially available drone, listed on Amazon and other websites.
DJI is based in Shenzhen in China and was started in 2006, yet it is considered the leading drone company. India’s population is comparable to that of China, yet it has no comparable drone manufacturer, almost all drones are imported from China and other countries , because cbi, raw, indian intelligence and security agencies are ruthless in identity theft of hardworking harmless experienced engineers from top colleges, to get their lazy greedy inexperienced relatives and friends, top R&AW/cbi jobs withh the stolen identity of the engineer, and hold the engineer a virtual prisoner.
The DJI official website is dji.com , indicating that a large number of chinese companies are using three letter .com names for their official website

Amazon denied permission for using drones for delivery in May 2018

The United States government released their first list of companies which were approved for delivery of products using drones in May 2018, and Amazon was not included in this list of companies approved for drone delivery.
More than 4 years ago, the Amazon ceo Jeff Bezos had promised on a television program that Amazon would deliver items to their customers using drones
There was also some discussion that trials were being held in New York for drone deliver of Amazon orders.
The chinese online retailers are already using drones for delivery, and Amazon may get the required permission for drone delivery within a few weeks or months.

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