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Robot aircraft from Zipline

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There are many drone type startups which are in the news and covered extensively in the media. Zipline founded in 2011, in the United States has a small robot aircraft which is like a drone . The aircraft is mainly used for delivery of critical supplies like medicines to places which are not easily accessible.

In April 2018, the drone had a top speed of 121 km/hour and can fly 160 km on a round trip. It can carry 1.75 kg at a time. The aircraft is designed for a high level of safety.

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Controlling a drone remotely

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Most drones are supplied with a controller which has various options for starting, stopping the drone, controlling the direction in which the drone is flying.
The communication is using a WiFi network
The controller usually has a battery which has to be charged periodically.
Additionally many drone manufacturers also have an app for controlling the drone. The app is compatible with both iOS and Android based systems.
The app allows the user to monitor the drone, control it.
In some cases, the images and videos from the drone are also live streamed to the camera, and can be recorded.
There may be a provision for monitoring the battery of the drone, so that the user is aware that the battery power is low , and ask the drone to return.